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Business Intelligence

Teksouth is an experienced leader in data management and business intelligence. We help your business by fully leveraging the value of its data. By integrating key information and providing rich, powerful visualizations, Teksouth’s award winning solutions will empower your employees to think, act and deliver.

Key components of Business Intelligence include—


Rarely does an organization have the level of reporting that satisfies all of the leadership and decision makers who are leading the way. If you’re wasting time with manual reports and spreadsheets, let Teksouth assess your situation and automate those laborious (and sometimes erroneous) tasks. Put your information to work for you.

Business Analytics

The big payoff in the BI world is when you reach the point at which your reporting capability is providing your organization’s decision makers with real-time, meaningful analytics. The ability to see trends, dependencies, hot spots and potential bottlenecks is so valuable to a business that it’s difficult to measure the ROI of such a capability.


What everyone is ultimately looking for are those stunning dashboards that tell you, at a glance, what’s going on with your organization… or in your department. Whether your organization is a fan of Power BI, Tableau or any other leading BI visualization tools, Teksouth has the experience and expertise to help you get the most of your information and IT investment.

Data Modeling

Proper data integration and modeling is the key to any BI or data-driven effort. Without this cornerstone properly in place, the project is doomed to struggle. Whenever you find extensive use of spreadsheets being generated within a company used to augment the existing information systems in place, that’s a tell-tale sign that your data model is lacking and in need of professional data integration.  (Back to Top)

Partnerships and Certifications


Microsoft certifications held by our staff include—

Applications Developer (MCAD)

IT Professional (MCITP)

Network Product Specialists (MCNPS)

Product Specialist (MCPS)

Professional Developer (MCPD)

Software Assurance (SA)

Solutions Associate (MCSA)

Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Solutions Expert (MCSE)

Technology Specialist (MCTS)

Project Management Professional (PMP)