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There are times when your organization needs the input of an outside consultant who can understand what you are trying to accomplish, assess your existing environment and present an unbiased recommendation on the ideal technical approach to achieve your objectives.

Teksouth’s consultants have the benefit of seeing a broad cross-section of situations, technologies, organizations and obstacles. We will use our hard-earned experience to help your organization avoid wasting time on common mistakes so we can quickly move toward achieving your vision with confidence. Our business-focused, no-nonsense approach will give you the road map you need for continued success.

Our consulting services include—

Solution Assessment

A challenge in moving forward with improvements within an organization is gaining an objective view when selecting the best path forward. Teksouth has a successful track record of helping organizations professionally assess the existing situation, gathering facts, opinions and burgeoning demands; then developing a road map that clearly leads to the next stage of your company’s lifecycle.

Business Process Analysis

When business processes are optimal, your organization is more efficient, more effective and more capable of change. Lower costs, greater cooperation, greater morale, and increased revenues are the rewards for processes that are working together. And Teksouth has experience in helping organizations attain this level of effectiveness. We’ve learned first-hand that the ROI of a successful business process optimization can be massive, leading to higher profit margins and a model organization.

Partnerships and Certifications


Microsoft certifications held by our staff include—

Applications Developer (MCAD)

IT Professional (MCITP)

Network Product Specialists (MCNPS)

Product Specialist (MCPS)

Professional Developer (MCPD)

Software Assurance (SA)

Solutions Associate (MCSA)

Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Solutions Expert (MCSE)

Technology Specialist (MCTS)

Project Management Professional (PMP)