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Data Management

At the core of any data management solution is a solid data architecture, business driven data modeling, and consistent and maintainable data integration. Teksouth has more than 30 years of experience integrating and transforming enterprise data into meaningful and actionable information.

Components of data management include—

Data Architecture

The adage of “measure twice, cut once” is never more appropriate than when considering how to build your organizational data store—whether a data warehouse, data cube, data mart, data repository, or whatever variety is called for.  Workers require a guide—a blueprint—in order to construct a building. It is just as true for the developers assigned to build an efficient data store for your organization. An experienced data architect will design your data store to meet all of your organization’s needs—especially those related to responsiveness and performance. Remember… Measure twice. Cut once? We can help you with that.

Data Integration

Expert data integration is key to any business intelligence project.  Most organizations use a variety of data sources that are consumed and processed by various departments using applications intended for specific needs. This creates data silos that prevent you from having the single source of truth your organization needs. Proper planning, decades of expertise and a highly experienced team give Teksouth the ability to handle the most challenging data integration efforts.

Data Modeling

Data modeling executed well is almost an art form. It is so easy to get wrong and so many business intelligence projects do—and they are destined to struggle without realizing the full potential of what-could-have-been. Whenever spreadsheets are used extensively to augment your organization’s existing information systems, that’s your sign that the organization’s data model is lacking and needs professional help.

Does your data warehouse / data model meets these requirements?

  • Accurately integrates key data bases and applications within the business
  • Provides automated data feeds
  • Provides data that is trusted to be correct
  • Provides updated data when it is needed
  • Eliminates the need for time-consuming, multiple spreadsheet “spreadmarts”

No matter what data-driven application is being used, it can benefit from an expertly defined data model.  We’re here to discuss it if you need a hand.

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