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Who We Serve

We’ve been able to help organizations from a variety of industries leverage the power of their information—information generated by various systems and processes, but not easily accessible. Teksouth applies a proven methodology and the technical expertise required to transform lifeless data into a rich data resource useful for managing and improving organizations like yours.

Industries we’ve served include—

Federal Government

Service to U.S. Government customers is an important part of our business.  The mission requirements of many of these customers are critical to our nation’s defense. We serve these customers by providing two essential components—highly qualified, vetted professionals, and affordable and flexible technical solutions that address mission-critical requirements.  Our technical solutions can maximize this functional knowledge, providing technical approaches that deliver actionable information to support the requirements of our Federal customers.

Teksouth’s decision support solutions automate the integration of disparate data, stage and publish accurate, timely information, and present this information—manpower, logistical, financial, personnel & payroll, intelligence, and operational—in formats with common analytical tools and display functions. Resource managers and decision makers can then make the sound judgments necessary for effective mission accomplishment.

Learn about Teksouth’s Federal practice.

Read about our decision support solutions—Desktop Analytics and EntelliFusion.


The pressure is on for educators to provide evidence of the value of the education they deliver. This has brought about the need to include, along with traditional methods,  the value of real-world, practical experiences in the educational value equation. Educators are becoming more and more mentor and coach-like, doing less lecturing and more consulting. Maintaining narrowly defined tracts is giving way to encouraging students to explore their self-directed passions.

We realize that the effective use of technology and data is a key piece of continuing innovation in education. And we have been successful in helping education systems bring about creative change by extending the uses of core learning management systems like Blackboard and Moodle.

Regardless of the education level—primary, secondary or higher—we’re available to discuss your challenges and the role that data can play in solving them.

Financial Services

The challenges facing mid-tier financial services firms and community banks continue to press as these organizations look for answers. Regulatory reporting needs, issues of legacy infrastructure, meeting the evolving expectations of customers and the competitive impact of fintech disruptors like cloud computing—all of these, and more, are concerns. Finding the right solutions is critical to the success of your organization today and to growth tomorrow.

We can help you find ways to deal with many of these challenges—in many cases, by taking advantage of technology your organization already uses. Contact us to talk about what is possible.


Pharmacy Benefits Management

Teksouth has successfully helped PBMs integrate information from multiple systems into robust data models that allow them to confidently and easily report and analyze costs, utilization, compliance, service quality and other metrics. Some of these systems are providing prescription information in near real-time.

Additionally, Teksouth has developed portals that allow PBM customers and pharmacies to access information in a self-serve, on demand environment. The status of prescriptions, reimbursement information and adjudication statuses are all available to the PBM client when and where they are needed.

Health Information and Services Providers

From cardiac reporting application development, to surgical instrument tracking systems, to pharmacy sales reporting, Teksouth has developed and implemented a wide array of custom solutions for healthcare organizations across the U.S.

There are a tremendous number of healthcare-specific software applications serving the industry today. And all of them attempt to help providers, vendors, insurance companies and consumers keep up with the vast amounts of information being generated and consumed. Yet the majority of these applications fail to deliver timely and accurate reporting to the business-side of the healthcare industry.

Teksouth has helped many of its healthcare customers sort through the sea of data generated by these systems and implement data solutions that deliver information that is both reliable and current.

Real Estate

Managing a commercial real estate portfolio is a complex task in general. For some industries, providing a comprehensive view can be overwhelming. The need for information goes far beyond lease renewals and service providers. The needs of asset management, equipment maintenance, floor plans, safety records, and management of dozens of compliance issues multiplies the need for specialized systems which further complicates the task of providing integrated data reporting.

We have helped financial services and health care companies integrate the data provided by multiple systems to give front-line staff and executive management the tools they need. We can do the same for your organization.

Partnerships and Certifications


Microsoft certifications held by our staff include—

Applications Developer (MCAD)

IT Professional (MCITP)

Network Product Specialists (MCNPS)

Product Specialist (MCPS)

Professional Developer (MCPD)

Software Assurance (SA)

Solutions Associate (MCSA)

Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Solutions Expert (MCSE)

Technology Specialist (MCTS)

Project Management Professional (PMP)