Carefully Nurtured Business Relationships Critical to Customer Satisfaction

In Robin Lawton’s book, creating a Customer-Centered Culture, the author points out that the key to customer satisfaction is delivering “services and products” that meet a client’s needs. That’s not profound, but it underscores the importance of building business relationships. Lawton’s point, which cannot be emphasized enough, is that giving customers what they want is the key to long-term success.

From the start, Teksouth has endeavored to build relationships with our customers. And many of you have witnessed our success in this area firsthand. Every day we ask three questions that define our corporate commitment:

  • Who are our customers?
  • What do they need/want
  • How can we deliver what they need/want?

When Steve Wilsher founded Teksouth Corporation more than three decades ago, his singular goal was to deliver services and products on time, at a reasonable cost, that met or exceeded the customer’s operational and business needs. What eventually distinguished Teksouth from its competitors was our people and their ability to deliver. Through selfless attitudes, a commitment to world-class service, and a work ethic that never strays from the customer, Teksouth found success, not just working for our customers, but working with them. Forming trustworthy, mutually beneficial relationships defines Teksouth. Many of you are long-time customers, and it is our great honor to count you not merely as our customers, but as our friends.

A customer-centered culture doesn’t just happen—it takes visionary leadership, skilled professionals, selfless motivation, and customers willing to work with us to find satisfactory solutions for their critical needs. Steve’s goal from the outset was to create a Teksouth environment of service and excellence grounded on solid business relationships.

As we move forward, we want you to know that we stand with you and look forward to an ever-growing, ever-stronger association with you in the future.

Thank you. It is our privilege and pleasure to serve you each and every day.

Teksouth Corporation